Any monkey can make curtains!

Ferne started school this year and luckily she loves it. Otherwise I might have sat around moping after the school run instead of using this valuable time for some freelance graphic design and the odd craft project for myself before the new baby arrives… VERY SOON!

My to do list has been fairly ambitious (for me anyway). So that brings me to lounge room curtains which have been quite overdue. I had some ulgy cheap rail and curtains up there for about a year after we moved in.

I can’t seem to find the type of curtains I want in the shops and am too tight to pay someone else to make them. I also find most curtain poles I have seen rather garish so it took me alot of time to decide what I wanted for the lounge.

I’d seen something online where someone had use a copper piping for a curtain pole. Love copper, off to homebase I go where I found them along with rail holders and copper spray paint so they match.

Pulling out the sewing machine again was exciting. Until I realised I had forgotten how to use it completely. It took me 20 minutes with the instruction manual to thread the machine and wind the bobbin. BUT! The next time I needed to do it, only about a minute. So it’s a quick learning curve.

Heres rough instructions, there might be better ways and are countless tutorials online how to make them. Am really a self-taught-work-it-out-along-the-way-curtain-maker.

The material I used is Heavy 100% Cotton Drill for about £5 a metre. After washing and drying the material (to allow for shrinkage) I ironed all 5 metres (recommend doing this in front of TV to ease the ironing boredom!).

Then measure up, allow for seams and cut to size needed.

I started sewing in the side seams, folded over twice so you don’t see fraying. Instead of pinning, I ironed seams down before sewing.

Then I cut the curtain tape off the back off the old cheap curtains to use on my new ones. (No one will see if it looks a bit rough!). Fold over another hem at top and pin onto the top of your curtains, then sew away.

I found perfect copper rings online to use that just clip on so you don’t have to worry about those annoying white connectors things. If you are using the clip on rings, make sure you sew the top line of the curtain tape low enough so the ring actually has room to clip onto it.

Then I hung them up and worked out where I wanted the hem and again, folded the hem twice using the iron and sewed my straight(ish) lines.

Repeat steps for other curtain!

I had them hanging up for a few days and although I was fairly happy with them, I felt the need for some pom pom tape going down the sides. Pom pom tape is always a good idea. Although someone stop me if it is somehow incorporated into my next 5 craft projects. Have cushions coming up so watch this space…. I doubt I will get sick of it anytime soon.

I love the natural material I used. It was cheap and has a heavy curtain look. I didn’t feel the need to put backing on it. You could also dye it any colour using a washing machine dye. You have to wash it anyway so its not really an extra step. I decided to keep it natural as it might be fighting with all the other colour in the lounge room.

Must say I am quite proud of these curtains. My husband says they look expensive too!



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