Pear, Spinach and Lime juice

Ok so its only the 29th Dec and I am already thinking of healthy things to do and eat. Perhaps I will peak too early…

Just had a lovely Christmassy week with friends in Devon where we (obviously) had many lovely rich feasts everyday. I have to stop thinking about it RIGHT now or I may just lose my healthy mojo that seems to have showed it’s innocent head today.

As I am I huge juice fan since buying a juicer a couple of months ago, I want to share my favourite juice at the moment.

My humblest apologies if I’m springing this on you far too early. Perhaps you will look me up in the new year? Or you could consider it a little boost before the new years festivities get going.

Juice together:
2 pears
200g spinach
half lime, rind and all.
(serves 1)


Natural Skincare Course.

Whoa! What a great feeling. Just published my first online course called ‘How to make your own natural skincare routine’.

Its been a pretty long process for me. I have someone come look after Ferne one day a week so I can get on with freelance and projects such as these. So when that day comes around I am frantically trying to get things done and use every bit of that precious time. (Oh how I would love to go to a spa sometimes instead!)

But seeing it up there online, well, that is the paid off. Please check it out, would love some feedback and reviews! Contact me for a discount code.

How to make your own natural skincare routine.

Heres a summary of the course:

This course is for anyone who is tired of paying a fortune for skincare products that aren’t necessarily getting the results promised by marketeers. It is also for people worried about the suspect preservatives that go into your beauty products.

If you create your own skincare, not only do you know exactly what is going in it, but you can save alot money and you get to tailor your ingredients to suit your own skin.

In this course we will learn how to make:

• A beautiful rich cleanser that is also a gentle make up remover.
• Some lovely refreshing toner that cleans and opens up your pores.
• A moisturiser that can be adapted to suit your preference and skin needs.

We will be using lots of butters and waxes and floral waters all teamed together some beautiful smelling essential oils. I buy my ingredients online and have saved so much money when compared with the products I used to buy straight from the shelf.

You don’t need a lot of equipment, the only new thing I have bought in terms of equipment is a set of digital scales that cost me £8, the rest is all are pots, dishes and utensils that I already had in the cupboard.

The course is taught by video modules. Also included are PDFs for your shopping list, recipes and references to books and websites I use.

Although I have recipes to follow, I encourage students to tailor recipes to suit your own skin needs and tastes. For example, I love lavender but I appreciate not everyone does, therefore I have made alternative suggestions. Once you have completed this course, you will have a good foundation to personalise your skincare routine to suit you.

Learning about natural skincare for me, led to wanting to be more healthy. I can honestly say I am much more in tune with my body holistically and what it needs when I’m feeling low. I really hope others can benefit in this way too.

You could complete this course in a day or spread it out as long as you want.


Furniture painting, harder than it looks.

I’ve never painted any sort of furniture or even helped with a wall, shameful I know at my age, but somewhere in the back of my mind (or maybe it was in my blood!), I quite fancied being one of those people who spruces up tired furniture and makes it look all quirky, perhaps one day even selling pieces and making some cash for it!

I knew I needed to start with something fairly easy. My parents, who are quite handy creatively, had read about Annie Sloan chalk paint. It sounded amazing – no sanding, no primer, no vanish. Adheres to any surface and it doesn’t have toxins or even paint oder.

I then watched youtube clips of woman (yes it is marketed as a ‘womans paint’, because its easy I guess) painting away saying how magical this paint was. Hand me a paint brush woman!

Wondering what to paint, I stumbled across this toddlers chair in a second hand shop for £20. Just what Ferne needed!

I chose ‘English yellow’ in the Annie Sloan range. Online it looks like murky English mustard, (I guess it might depend on your computer screen) but when I checked it out in the shop I found it was pretty much what I wanted as I was after something bold and bright to go in our kitchen. The helpful shop lady assured me the paint goes a long way and said a tester pot for £5.95 would be more than enough for a toddler chair. I also got the Annie Sloan soft wax for £7.95 that is the consistency of margarine and could be applied after painting with a dry cloth. I didn’t buy the expensive Annie Sloan brushes and just went to a hardware shop and bought a few for a couple of pounds. The helpful shop lady also informed me of courses they run for Annie Sloan painting. In my head I scoffed, thinking who needs a course, I know exactly what I’m doing, I have youtube for gods sake. But I politely told her I was just keen to get started right away. Which was the true also, just without scoffing.

Yes, I could not wait to get started. In the shed we go. I slapped my first coat on while Ferne happily played on her bike nearby. After a while she came up and wanted to ‘help’. I was prepared, I had bought her kids yellow paint and set up a big cardboard nearby for her to paint. That lasted all of 30 seconds before she wanted to paint the chair with me. Hmmm, not wanting to deter her from anything creative, I reluctantly gave her a brush and let her dip it in my little tester pot.

I have to say my painting wasn’t much better than hers. Painting is hard! 3 coats laters, at the end of my tester pot, I was hoping it would be this bold smooth yellow but was so patchy! I’m sure thats why so many people go for that shabby chic rustic kinda look, because I seem to have got that without even trying. I like smooth smooth smooth bold bold bold!

So ok, am I missing something? Did I have the wrong brushes? Are walls this hard too? Am I just too impatient to do a proper job? I was wondering if I had of given this challenge to my perfectionist husband whether it might have been a different result.

I’m still going to put this in my kitchen (and pretend its supposed to be like that) and I will not give up on furniture painting just yet, perhaps I could attempt a mirror frame next. But I am by no means anywhere close to setting up shop for revamped furniture. Maybe I will check out that course after all… [blush].