Coffees out. Teas in.

My husband drinks this particular brand of coffee like its going out of production. At £5 a pop its not the cheapest coffee on the supermarket shelves…. but it comes in these handy tins, so I dare not complain. Have been saving them up for something special and it was over the weekend when these shiny tins reached their final destination upon our kitchen shelf.These are so dam easy to make, that I’m sure you can work it out just by looking at the pictures…

You will need:

  • 1 or more tin
  • Some scrapts of material you rather fancy (enough to fit round your tin nicely)
  • Spray-on glue (I used spray mount)
  • Scissors
  • Use of an iron
  • Sticky labels
  • Pens to decorate the label
  1. First, wash the tins out well so they don’t have any odor of whatever was originally in there.
  2. Cut the fabric so its long enough to go right round the diameter of your tin and the width should be 2cm wider than the tin… Don’t worry if your cutting is a bit wonky at first…
  3. Fold over seams and iron to the right width… Here’s your chance to straighten it up.
  4. Stick material on tin with the spray mount, smooth out so there are no bubbles. Do this outside as its spray mount is not so good for the lungs.
  5. Draw your pretty label… If you don’t feel like you are up for that, pick out some funky fonts off the computer and print them off. Or if you have some kids floating around up for the challenge, get them to do it!

Things you’ll need


2. Cut the fabric to size


3. Iron to straighten up


4. Stick the material to tin


5. Draw a pretty label…


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