Scrask recipe.

A course of skin peels, a bunch of facials, matching products for this and must-have products for that – I don’t want to even add up how much of my hard earned cash I have spent on my skin.So one day, feeling a little disillusioned with a hole in my pocket from that hyperdermalogical-antioxidantbio-radicalpollution-fighting skinpeel that left my skin feeling like leather, I decided it was time to hit back at the whole industry and learn what goes in these products and how to make my own!

So I found a course that I could do at home in my own time and have never looked back at that fancy department store counter since. The more I learn the more creative I can be. So satisfying when you perfect that cleanser that uses none of those nasty preservatives, leaves your skin feeling soft and actually smells so good you want to eat it…. or perhaps bath in it.

So anyway, over the weekend, a lazy Sunday, I had just finished reading a book outside on the sun-lounger, and was admiring the greenery when I had a brilliant idea of making a facial mask out of the welting roses and lavender heads in the garden. Well, at that stage I hadn’t decided whether it was going to be a mask or scrub, turns out its good for both at the same time! A Scrask, brilliant….yes thats right, this word is showing up in my spellcheck as it hasn’t been invented yet! Oh dear….Anyway, I thought I would share my recipe.I realise not everyone has a rose bush and or lavender handy to them so I have added some variations.

You will need:

  • half a cup of oats
  • handful of dried rose petals or couple of camomile teabags (good for sensitive skin)
  • handful of dried lavender heads or couple of elderflower teabags (great for wrinkles)
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 5 drops of Lavender essential oil if you have it
  • some hot water
  1. Put half the rose petals (or rip open that camomile teabag) into a cup and pour boiling water over them, enough so the petals are covered, put a cover over the cup and leave aside to infuse.
  2. In a pestle and mortar, ground the rest of the petals/herbs with the oats.
  3. Add the honey and enough the hot water from your infusion to mix into a smooth paste. Then mix in the 5 drops of lavender essential oil. If you don’t like lavender, use rose, geranium, (for any skin types) camomile (if skin is sensitive) or lemon essential oil, (if your skin is oily).

Now for the fun part. Stick it on your face! I started doing it right there and then in the kitchen and soon got marched outside as I was making quite a mess. Rub in gently to remove those dead skin cells, then leave on for 10 mins and wash off with warm water. I ended up leaving it on for an hour because I forgot about it…. don’t forget about it, its not good when someone knocks on your door. But I have to say my skin was feeling very soft and smooth afterwards for about 5 days after. If you have some left over, pop it in a sterilized jar and keep in the fridge for up 5 days.



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