Pear, Spinach and Lime juice

Ok so its only the 29th Dec and I am already thinking of healthy things to do and eat. Perhaps I will peak too early…

Just had a lovely Christmassy week with friends in Devon where we (obviously) had many lovely rich feasts everyday. I have to stop thinking about it RIGHT now or I may just lose my healthy mojo that seems to have showed it’s innocent head today.

As I am I huge juice fan since buying a juicer a couple of months ago, I want to share my favourite juice at the moment.

My humblest apologies if I’m springing this on you far too early. Perhaps you will look me up in the new year? Or you could consider it a little boost before the new years festivities get going.

Juice together:
2 pears
200g spinach
half lime, rind and all.
(serves 1)

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