Stale baguette tote bag stamping.

Its been a while between craft projects. This is an easy one but I felt so inspired today making these bags, I got completely ahead of myself whilst doing it and thought of at least 4 other craft projects I could be doing next.

One. Thing. At. A. Time. Rochelle.

For this one, you will need

  • roughly 92cm x 72cm piece of cloth. I used unbleached calico, its cheap and I like the natural texture to it.
  • fabric paint
  • thread, I bought mine the same colour as the fabric paint to match it
  • A3 thick paper or card
  • Baking paper
  • 2 x 62cm x 2.5cm leather handles. You don’t have to use leather, could be anything you like the look of really.
  • Pom pom tassels, enough to go round the top of your bag. (optional)
  • scissors
  • an iron and ironing board
  • sewing machine
  1. Fold your piece of cloth in half so the fold makes the bottom of the bag and iron.
  2. Sew the sides together, turn inside out and iron the sides again.
  3. The the stamping, I would recommend using a potato to cut your shape. But really its whatever you can get your hands on! Hence the use of the stale baguette…. but hey it worked a treat when I cut it into the shape of a triangle with a bread knife.
  4. Put some fabric paint into a tray and test out your stamp onto a spare piece of cloth.
  5. Put a piece of thick paper or card inside your bag to stop it going on the back piece. I found an A3 size worked well.
  6. If you are happy with the result, get stamping! I liked it how some triangles were darker and some were more faded.
  7. Leave your bag dry to touch.
  8. Put your bag on the ironing board with the design face up and the baking paper over top. Give it a good iron to set the paint.
  9. Fold down the top of your bag for the top hem inside of your bag and iron in place then pin it as well.
  10. I choose a criss cross sewing pattern on the machine to do this hem. Try and sew in the straightest line possible across the top. Don’t forget to remove your pins before you get to them!
  11. Pin your handles into place, then sew a square box ape shape with a cross in the middle for added support.
  12. If you are using the pom pom tassels, pin these into place at the top of your bag and then sew round, I used a cream/white cotton for this.

And there you have your lovely handmade bag! I’m giving this one to my friend Daisy, so have stencilled her name on the back of it for an added personal touch.






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